Saturday January 6th , 2018

8:00 AM MT/ 11:00 AM ET (US and Canada)


What People said about Previous Webinars!

This man Real is the real deal. He is top notch and his willingness to help and encourage me to get to the next level was amazing.

His logo definitely represents him to the tee - "He will believe in you until we believe in ourselves" Bam.... what else can you ask for!!

 He poured greatness into me, encouraged me and gave me the nuggets I needed and the nudge to go out and make it happen.

 I know without a doubt my business will skyrocket. - I am so grateful I meant this man. He helped me finetune my business and myself.

Next level hear I come!! Shayne “Rocky” Kudron

Thank you, have been the final link in the chain, for me. Watching others, listening, absorbing, barely dipping my toe in for the last 3 years. Then I see your posts and videos, and everything starts to click.

Signed up my 1st 100%, all me enrollment today(usually, I would pass them off to my wife), then went to work, talked to a 2nd, signing him up tomorrow. You have helped me get over the last hurdle that has been blocking my path--THANK YOU!!

Eric Rodmeyre

Hi Real!  I just wanted to personally THANK YOU for your nuggets of wisdom in the Business group. I have started to copy/paste your posts into Word -- you have your OWN FOLDER called "Real Wisdom" -- and I am printing these out... I want to create my own little Real Booklet to refer back to -- because your strategies are AMAZING. And honest. And reachable. And your passion comes through loud and clear! THANK YOU for taking the time to help ALL of us.

Rosalind Bitter Udell